Anna Jennett, Surrey, November 2020

I have been learning with Rania for about a year now and have made great progress.

I am really enjoying the lessons having previously learned via an online app. I am a language specialist so very much enjoy learning grammar and recognising the similarities between languages.

I also appreciate the opportunity to develop my skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Crystal Haylock, Surrey, January 2020

I think Rania is brilliant! Truly happy and excited to learn and progress with her. I wouldn’t change a thing!

I have been with Rania for 8 months and had attended Greek school before but did not enjoy it. With Rania I have made real progress and have learnt so much.


Hilary Winter, Surrey, December 2019

I have been learning from Rania for about 5 months having tried to learn on my own in the past with CDs.

I would like to be able to converse with my neighbours in Greece and have made slow but sure progress with Rania. She is always encouraging and teaches me in a way that is not overwhelming.


Sarah, Kent, November 2019

Rania is very professional. Although I have had lessons before it was a while ago and Rania took me through sessions quickly, allowing me to try to use what I had already learnt.

I have a house in Greece and I have happily made lots of progress and I feel much braver about speaking and my understanding of the grammar is much clearer.

I especially enjoy the conversation and learning about the foundations of Greek words.


Dominic Pollard, Dorking, August 2018

I studied archeology at Oxford University and wanted to learn Greek as I work & visit Greece often for work, study & leisure.

I have been learning Greek with Rania for nearly two years now. In that time I have made a lot of progress and hope to keep learning with her into the future.

As our lessons have gone on, we have dealt with more complex aspects of grammar, spent more time speaking Greek to each other, and explored a wider range of topics.

The process has never felt rushed or too taxing though, as Rania makes sure to work forward at a pace which suits you as a learner. We use a combination of written exercises, listening and comprehension, conversation and question-and-answer sessions to approach new vocabulary from several different angles, and help it stick.

The homework is well-pitched, so that you can make progress in your own time, but not feel weighed down by work. Rania clearly puts so much time into planning lessons and homework tasks, and they are always well-structured and rewarding.

I have had the chance to practice some of my Greek in the country itself now too, and with even the little I had learnt when I went, the experience was so much richer and more enjoyable.

I have learned a great deal in my time with Rania and in Crete recently I was able to have conversations and follow much of what was being said around me.

With Rania’s help, I’m planning to keep improving my Greek and learn much more about a language and culture I love!


Sam & Glenn Wilkinson, Essex, June 2018

We have been learning Greek with Rania via Skype for nearly a year now with no previous experience.

We were married in Santorini and really love the country and the Greek culture, so learning the language was something we wanted to do to embellish the experience even more for when we visit. It will be so great one day to have a meaningful conversation in Greek with the locals!

A new language is never easy and sometimes we are tough on ourselves but I would say that we have made excellent progress.

Rania is a lovely person and excellent teacher! She makes the lessons fun but she is also tough, which we need. We always look forward to our lessons, its an escape from our day to day life and gives us a focus and a goal.

Unfortunately Rania is stuck with us now, we are hooked and won’t stop until we can speak Greek! 😀


Miruna Canagaratnam, Coulsdon, August 2018

I really look forward to my Greek lessons with Rania. She is very relaxed and friendly and she makes the lessons interesting and fun. As well as the language itself she teaches me about Greek culture and food.

The lesson is always a good mix of speaking, writing, listening and reading practice. Rania takes a personal interest in my goals in learning Greek and tailors the lesson around what I want to achieve.

I can see I have progressed so much in two years and would highly recommend her to others hoping to learn Greek.


Eleanor Chapman, Purley, July 2018

I have been learning Greek with Rania for over a year having tried to teach myself previously using books & CDs.

I love the thought Rania puts into every lesson and I would not have reached my current standard without her clear direction, motivation and enthusiastic style.

Rania also tailors every lesson to me. I really love my lessons and have made good progress (I recently moved to lower intermediate level) and with more time I hope to master the language completely!


Andrea Christofi, South Croydon, July 2018

I have been learning for 4 months now, having had no previous experience in learning Greek, even though my family are from Cyprus.

I have been extremely pleased with the progress I have made with Rania in my vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation giving me confidence in speaking Greek.

I love every part of my lesson with Rania with the 1 on 1 tuition tailored to me. We have very good interaction and I look forward to my time with Rania.

Rania understands my learning style very well and adapts her methods to suit me.


Jo Coles, Sutton, July 2018

I have been seeing Rania for just under a year now having also had a few lessons at the Hellenic Centre in Marylebone.

My partner is Greek and I wanted to be able to interact more with friends & family and on the occasions that we visit the Greek Islands every year.

The language is challenging and Rania is very patient with me in helping me to grasp what she is teaching me.


Sue Geisler, Dorking, May 2018

I had no previous experience in learning Greek prior to starting with Rania 7 months ago. I have a house in Greece and want to learn to be able to converse with my neighbours when there.

I believe that I have made excellent progress in my time with Rania with my vocabulary and confidence growing all the time.

Lessons are enjoyable and light-hearted and I am delighted to have found a tutor who is sympathetic to my learning style.


Nicole Psaltis, Coulsdon, May 2017

Rania has been teaching our two children Greek now for just over 6 months.

In this time she has managed to introduce the language to the children successfully, she has been extremely patient with both of them and has adapted the lessons to suit both their needs seeing as one is two years older than the other and slightly more advanced.

In the time she has been teaching them, my oldest (aged 9) is able to read, write and understand basic Greek and has now been introduced to grammar and is successfully working through that.  My youngest (aged 6) is learning his letters and sounds and can write and understand basic instructions.

Rania has a natural ability with the children and has identified their learning needs and is able to work with them not only on Greek but in building their confidence and self-belief.  She creates a great working environment and her lessons are fun and structured.

The children really enjoy their lessons and Rania’s hard work and patience with them is reflected in their progress and achievements.  We have always been keen for our children to learn fluent Greek and are extremely pleased with the progress they have made with Rania and the enjoyment they get out of her lessons and learning a new language.

Rania is an excellent tutor and makes learning Greek interesting and fun. She puts you at ease and is always encouraging.


Richard Maybury, Kingswood, Surrey, June 2016

I have had 12 lessons so far and my friends in Greece have been impressed at my progress and the way I have been taught the basics in the correct manner. I still have a long way to go but I am confident Rania will get me to where I want to be.

I would highly recommend Rania to anyone wishing to learn Greek.


Fiona Somerville, Kingswood, Surrey, April 2016

I have been taking private lessons with Rania for four months now, prior to a holiday in Crete. I have really enjoyed Rania’s teaching style, which is both structured and flexible – with a good helping of patience!

She produces her own written materials for the lessons, which is helpful, and also encourages a bit of homework to give you an incentive to continue working on the language through the week.

Her teaching space is cosy but conducive to working. I was pleased to find a native Greek speaker so close to home and have thoroughly enjoyed my progress so far. Efharisto!


Ralph Peterson, Caterham. September 2015

I bought a property in Cyprus and wanted to learn Greek so that I could converse with the locals.

I was quite nervous about starting to learn in my mid forties, but Rania quickly de-mystified the learning process for me and within three months I was fluent enough to be understood when in Cyprus and able to do all of my shopping in Greek.

I would thoroughly recommend Rania to anybody wanting to learn Greek quickly.


Jean Roberts, South Croydon, September 2015

I had tried to learn Greek for a number of years using books and CDs, but just did not seem to get very far.

I therefore decided to have one-one tuition with Rania and within two months I knew more than I had learned in two years trying to learn by myself.

I go to Greece every year for my holiday and already I have been able to impress the locals and other holiday makers with my language skills.

Efharisto para pollee Rania! Surrey Greek Lessons are great!