Books & Learning Aids

There are an array of books, audio, dictionaries & phrase books available to purchase.

The quality of these varies greatly and my recommendation for those who are beginning on the learning journey or who wish to learn conversational Greek is to stick to the books below.

I use the following:

Ellinika Tora 1+1 (Greek Now)

The book includes:

Dialogues and texts on everyday situations, providing opportunities for interaction and for a number of activities in and out of the classroom
Grammar and exercises
Essay and letter writing, conversation topics, role-playing
Two tests
An appendix with grammar rules (Greek-English), tables of conjugations and declensions and a Greek-English/English-Greek vocabulary
Two CDs (levels A1 & A2)


Ellinika Tora 2+2

The book for more advanced students follows the first book.

The book includes:

Dialogues and texts, often authentic, which mirror everyday life, contemporary issues and the culture of the country
A detective story in series (The Script)
Listening comprehension
Grammar and vocabulary exercises
Essay and letter writing, conversation topics, role-playing
Two tests
An appendix with grammar rules (Greek-English), tables of conjugations and declensions, principal parts of the verbs in the book and a Greek-English/English-Greek vocabulary.
Two CDs (levels B1&B2)

Ellinika Tora 2+2

BBC Greek Phrase Book & Dictionary

Practical, concise and easy to use, the new BBC Greek phrase book and dictionary is the ideal travelling companion. Packed with all the language you’ll need in any travel or holiday situation, it will help you to get the most out of your trip to Greece.

Arranged by topic, in clear, colour-coded sections, this pocket-sized guide offers phrases for every eventuality, from booking accommodation and using public transport, to dining out and making new friends.

It features:

  • a two-way dictionary
  • a comprehensive menu reader and drinks guide
  • imitated pronunciation throughout
  • a simple-to- read format, which allows you to build your own sentences and develop your language skills
  • help on understanding written signs and notices, as well as phrases you might hear in every day situations
  • handy travel and cultural tips to make your stay more satisfying

BBC Greek Phrasebook