Greek Language Certificates

The Certificate of Attainment in Greek was established in 1998 and caters to the needs of learners of Greek as a Second/Foreign Language in Greece and abroad.

It tests all aspects of the language – speaking, listening, reading & writing.

Certificates are issued for successful candidates at any of the following six levels of attainment: Α1 (A1 for children 8-12 years old, plus Α1 for teenagers & adults), Α2, Β1, Β2, Γ1 and Γ2.

The levels are linked to the corresponding levels of the Common European Framework (CEFR), which also governs the learning structure for many other languages.

Examinations are held in May each year and in London these take place in the Greek Embassy in Holland Park. Parents should note that your children have to be a minimum of 8 years old to sit the exams.

I can teach adult students to the standard required for all six levels of the certificate and am also able to prepare you to be able to sit for the examinations and gain the qualifications that your efforts merit.